Medikor Labs was founded by a group of dietary supplement industry professionals and research scientists. Our focus has always been to bring to the market the most effective and safest dietary supplements for specific medical conditions. Researchers at Medikor Labs have searched through thousands of research journals and ingredient suppliers to find ingredients with substantial scientific research proving the products effectiveness and safety. At Medikor Labs we believe that more often than not, there is an alternative solution to managing a medical condition besides the standard of care offered by main-stream medicine. We do not however believe that supplements alone should replace a visit and consultation with your physician, it is important to be open and honest with your physician about any supplements or natural products you are considering. We invite you to provide your physician with our website links in order to give your physician the opportunity to learn more about the products we offer. All Medikor Labs products are specifically formulated under the care of Dr. John Abernethy, a board certified physician, with the intention of providing supplemental nutrients for the support of a specific medical condition.

At Medikor Labs along with Dr. Abernethy, we understand and truly believe that nutrient supplementation can and will improve ones health status. This idea was evident in the outcome of a study conducted by the Dietary Supplement Education Alliance. The study was titled:

Medikor Labs™ Rationale

Medikor is a derivative of the Latin word “medicor” which means “to cure”; at Medikor Labs, we do just that. The rise of scientific medicine over the past millennium has replaced most of the ancient practices of faith healing and witchcraft; however modern medicine does have ancient roots. Prior to the age of High-Throughput Screenings and complicated synthetic chemistry, mankind relied on nature for our medicinal needs. The first generally accepted use of plants as healing agents was depicted in the cave paintings discovered in the Lascaux caves in France, which have been radiocarbon dated to between 13,000 and 25,000 BC. Ever since that time scientists and physicians alike have turned to our abundant natural flora to find compounds that can heal and prevent disease. At the present, synthetic, micro-molecular compounds have taken a hold of main-stream medicine; however there are a number of companies, scientists, physicians and societies that continue to study, promote and use natural products as effective means to prevent and treat nearly any human illness. In the United States, natural medicines are marketed as Dietary Supplements.

At Medikor Labs, we are committed to studying and offering the most efficacious, safe and reliable natural ingredients to treat and prevent illness. Medikor serves a need that is currently lacking in the $15+ Billion dollar dietary supplement market; that need is for ailment specific formulations. The dietary supplement industry is largely made up of companies that promote and sell ingredients that may have some or a lot of clinical substantiation for a specific ailment.

As an example, there are hundreds of hearth healthy ingredients available in the market. There are hundreds of ingredients available that are good for your bones. There are hundreds of ingredients out there that are beneficial to nearly any ailment; the problem however is which of these ingredients should a consumer take. It is unreasonable to expect a consumer to walk into their local store and purchase 10 different bottles with 10 different ingredients that all have cardiovascular benefits. Many of these ingredients are redundant and effect similar or the same biological processes.

As an example, how does the consumer know they aren’t taking too many anti-inflammatory products and not enough to reduce cholesterol? How do they know which heart healthy ingredients to select in order to cover all factors in a disease state that is multi-factorial? The answer is, they don’t know and they cannot be sure they are taking what they need to take.

This is the void that Medikor is built to fill. At Medikor Labs, we utilize our research capabilities, our highly qualified scientific staff and our procurement networks to find and assemble formulation that are ailment specific. As and example, we have gone through the hundreds of heart healthy ingredients, we have done the research and testing and we have thus put together a cardiovascular product that contains 6 essential ingredients that address different factors that lead to cardiovascular disease.

With Cardiokor™ the consumer is getting the most efficacious, dietary supplement product that will help prevent and curb cardiovascular disease, by addressing all factors leading to cardiovascular disease. Cardiokor™ becomes the only heart related dietary supplement a consumer needs to take. Cardiokor™ is coming soon to the public and our store!

Medikor Labs™ – Prescription Strength with Natural Safety